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The international sailing regatta « Adventure Race 80 dg » 2011.

("The eightieth parallel - Northern polar circle")

The international regatta Adventure Race 80dg 2011.

За штурваром яхты - преодоление Таймырского массива

Во льдах Таймыра

Round-the-world navigation on Northern Ocean, on traces of the great seafarers, for one season, without the help of the ice breaker!



Having rounded northern cap of ground, in 2010, crew of a yacht Peter I has returned to Russia inspired with idea of polar navigation.

Маршрут яхты Петр 1 в 2010 году

Result of this travel became the project of the International Ecological Sailing Regatta « Adventure Race 80 dg ».

« Adventure Race 80 dg » it is chance to test itself and yacht on a limit of opportunities and to pass on traces of the great seafarers.

St.-Petersburg (Russia) - Solovki of an island (Russia) of Arkhangelsk (Russia) Western coast of the New Earth (Russia) - Earth Franc Jiosif (Russia) of Spitsbergen (Norway) - Tromse (Norway)

Dates: 02.07.2011 – 18.08.2011

Первый этап маршрута регаты «Adventure Race 80 dg» 2011года.

Маршрут международной парусной гонки «Adventure Race 80 dg» 2011года.

The director of a regatta
The captain of a yacht « PETER I » Daniil Gavrilov
e-mail: dangavrilov@mail.ru

  • Official site of a yacht " Peter 1 " (project RUSARC - all current news).

    The tax of the participants of a regatta (July, 2011.)

          My dream also has come true. I am enlisted in a command of this heroic yacht. Now at me the opportunity has appeared to visit on Solovki islands, to pass in structure of crew of a yacht the first stage of a regatta from St.-Petersburg up to Arkhangelsks. The 29-th of June I take off by plane in St.-Petersburg, to a place of the tax of the participants of a regatta

          Three hours of flight by the plane the Boeing 737-500 up to the airport Plkovo in St.-Petersburg and more is a little time to reach up to Krestovsky of yacht - club, where there is a yacht " Peter 1 ".

    <Боинг 737-500

    Аэропорт Пулково

    я в Аэропорту Пулково

          And so, first stage Cruise in company is travel, during which the commands of yachts communicate, have a rest, exchange experience so to say training before the basic race.

          The basic race, will pass at the second stage of a regatta from Arkhangelsks up to Tromse. It is race not, that on speed, and faster on a survival, test for endurance.

    It is necessary to note, that one of the serious tasks which have arisen before the organizers of race, was to achieve sanction at our government, on a wire so numerous, consisting from set of foreign yachts of a regatta, on internal waters of Russia. Not at once, but this task was decided in the positive party.

    Yacht - club on Krestovsky an island (place of the tax)

    Have met me very warmly, as if we were familiar all life, have given out keys from a yacht, in general have told where that is and having said: " Grow roots, accustom ", all have run up on organizational businesses.

    For residing, me the two-sleeping cabin with a kind by the sea separate cabin in a forage of a yacht on the left board was selected.

    29-th and the 30-th of June I simply accustomed, got acquainted with the equipment of a yacht, went on walk on St.-Petersburg, had a rest more shortly. And since the first of July was connected to job on preparation of a yacht for a campaign - preparation of products, accommodation them on a yacht (I shall say to you, uneasy task), small repair of separate units etc. etc.

  • In 1718, for the first time in St.-Petersburg and all over the world, Peter organized the first yacht - club. It is one of the most oldest yachts - clubs.

  • Here, at a pier, all European yachts wishing to take part in the International sailing regatta are going to " Adventure Race 80dg ". Here profits of a yacht from the several countries: England (yacht WillyWaw), Finland (yacht Lena), Czechia (yacht Bagatella), Germany (yacht Seeadler), Russia (Петр1, Елена, Персей, Катерина). All other participants of a regatta, северяне, will adjoin on Solovecky islands and in Arkhangelsk, start second whence will be given Stage of race, on north.

    Официальный сайт экспедиции Place of the tax of the participants of a regatta « Adventure Race 80dg » 01.07.2011 on Yandex maps

    фото альбом 1 Photo an album " On a pier of yacht - club " (20 photos)

    That from itself the yacht " Peter 1 " represents.

  • Onboard there were 8 men. During transitions the crew was divided into two six-hour watches. This system works normally. A yacht steel, with one mast with топовым by arms. Safe navigation needs a minimum three members of crew. The automatic control no, so always someone one should stand at a steering wheel. The yacht is equipped спинакером. This yacht - not racing Volvo Ocean, but under condition of a good wind, can develop worthy speed under a sail. To me the place in a fodder cabin of the left board was given. In both fodder cabins two-sleeping beds. All on a yacht 5 cabins. The internal premises(rooms) were completely reconstructed before the Arctic campaign. Conditions not magnificent, but convenient. A spacious premise(room) under a deck on 12-13 man, diesel обогреватель, cosy cabin - company, TV with the flat screen and musical centre. At us was excellent(different) кок, preparing dishes of Russian kitchen. Onboard one bathroom, but during transition, when half of command(team) has a rest, it not a problem, and in port of souls and the toilet, as a rule, is on a coast. In heavy weather conditions the yacht makes very reliable impression. Due to a strong steel design, in the case there is not enough of movement and pressure(voltage) at strong excitement, in comparison with wooden or plastic yachts. The cabin is good from the point of view both safety, and comfort. The yacht is supplied saving плотом and hydrocostumes for all crew. Certainly, onboard there is a radar (Furuno), electronic maps, emergency радиобуй and satellite communication(connection) Iridium. There is even a water-proof compartment in a nose on a case of collision with ice. The engine Iveco - diesel engine by capacity 100 л/с, that seems sufficient for a yacht in 30 tons. As a whole, yacht very reliable, modified, equipped for navigation in the Arctic breadthes, with qualified and pleasant in dialogue by crew.

  • (((((((The representation of a yacht was done(made) by(with) the participant of one of transitions of 2010, Ragnar Sandmarc, scientist of engineering science Йёвик, Norway))))).

    All basically is described correctly. From myself I can add the following: there are two systems of water supply, water from for boards and fresh water from tanks, is of souls, in each cabin the electrical furnaces are established, the plate on kitchen on electrical is replaced, there are electrosockets on 220 volts, that allows to use usual electrodevices. During this campaign, we have established and have adjusted new satellite system of communication Inmarsat.

    Start of the first stage of a regatta

    In night with 3-rd for 4 July, when the bridges were divorced, all regatta began posting yachts on Neva. Onboard there are a lot of correspondents and journalists, they will reach up to Shlisselburg and there will leave. The white night in St.-Petersburg to this time were already finished. Went on Neva and admired kinds of night capital. There was a truth one hitch, it was necessary to spend the night in front of last bridge on Neva. For technical reasons, bridge could not in time развести and that it to pass we have tried attempt to tilt a yacht on a side through hung on spinaker gik of cargoes as saving means. Unfortunately positive effect have not achieved to tilt such yacht, the cargo has appeared not heavy enough and we nothing needed to do how to stay the night in front of the bridge before the following distributing.

    фото альбом 1 Posting of yachts on Neva (17 photos)

    July 5 in the morning our first stop in Shlisselburg, on against islands Oreshek. To be near to an island and to not visit on him with excursion, it would be simple not pardonably. All this day was devoted to acquaintance to a fortress. A fortress Oreshek (in Russian annals city of Nuts; the swede. Nоteborg) — ancient Russian fortress, is based in 1323 on a Nut island in a source of the river of Neva.

  • Being by a monument of ancient Russian architecture, the fortress Oreshek represents complex architectural ensemble. Shlisselburg of a fortress a role not only powerful strengthening, but also (within almost two hundred years) political prison of imperial government, unfortunately, was fated to play. Now Shlisselburg the fortress (Oreshek) is branch of a museum of a history of St.-Petersburg, which exposition acquaints the visitors with all historical stages, in which this legendary fortress took part.
  • фото альбом 1 Fortress Oreshek (32 photos)

    In the evening of the same day we depart from a mooring Shlisselburg, ahead Ladoga.

    We stipulate with all captains of yachts a point of finish and forward... A fresh wind, small wave. We put sails and our first race begins. Mood at all exulting, we go in the sea under sails.

    At the first stage everyone went beside, then gradually have begun to miss, choosing everyone for itself more suitable route, and in some hours, around up to horizon only one water and any sail, only one, obligatory for all the reports on a radio station about the site.

    Midnight, time of my beginning of job. The captain sends all on rest and we remain with it(him) together. The wind gradually begins to amplify, the wave sharply has increased, is speed(faster) yachts to put and a half of units (our normal speed of 8 units). In 4-ре of an o'clock in the morning the pilot Игорь Зиберов has woken up and has changed the captain. The speed has approached to this time already to 11 units, a yacht throws. Up to the end of my job two hours. At six hours I am substituted by(with) my partner the swede Anders, I pass him вахту, I drink a cup of hot tea, smoking last cigarette and I am sent in кубрик to have a rest. A yacht throws on a wave, to move on her, and in particular inside her(it) it is necessary by jumps, forcing down all corners and jambs, and to sleep even more cheerfully - lay on кhjdfnb and suddenly she sharply leaves from under you downwards, you still what that времы remain in air, and then устремляешься after her to catch up and so with all night. However not looking on jolting, I fall asleep instantly, and when has woken up - weather has calmed down, we cost(stand) on an anchor in a mouth of the river Swir in expectation of all yachts. Last yacht has appeared after six hours. At once on its(her) arrival, we lift anchors, we are built in a column and we come in форватер of the river Swir. Here also it is necessary pass under bridges and through sluices, and this strictly regulated time.

    фото альбом 1 Transition on Ladoga (23 photos)

    Ladoga behind, further our route runs on the river Svir up to the Onega lake.

    The river most beautiful, though the very large navigable movement to go it is necessary strictly on a waterway, with observance of all rules of pass on marks, marks, correctly to observe distributing of courts. In general driving by the sea and on the navigable river strongly differs. During all route, the pilot Игорь has lead to us the whole rate of training of driving of courts on a waterway, huge to him thanks for it, in further this knowledge to us were useful.

    On one of transitions was found out, that on a German yacht Seeadler there was out of operation basic navigating computer and me have directed to them. Having taken with themselves the necessary tools, directly on the move have forwarded me from a board aboard on Seeadler. The breakage fortunately of German friends has appeared not complex and already in half an hour all their navigating system has earned.

    On the river Svir we did a stop, we shall spend the night in a place Mandrogi. It is an old settlement altered in a very good tourist complex (for rich and foreigners). On the approach to this place, till radio we try to explain to crew of the Finnish yacht Lena: " Lesko, this very good place, we here shall stop for night, here there is a beer, souls, girl, bar and all other..., we shall bathe and to have a rest ", on what the answer immediately has followed: " Ооо! It as at us in Finland!!! "

    Unfortunately, photos of this place no, but at the end of this page the film is laid out.

  • The river Svir follows from the Onega lake located at height 33 м above a sea level and runs in Svir a lip of the Ladoga lake located at a level 4 m. Length of the river of 224 kms. In the past the navigation was prevented by thresholds, but after construction of two sluices with powerful dams - Low Svir (1933 г) and Top Svir (1951 г) - the river became quiet, deep, current slow (3,4 kms / hours). On the bottom site an extent of 81 kms Svir has remained in the former coast. Here speed of current depends on dump of water through HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION. In a source Svir the settlement Vozneseye, connected by bus service from the left coast with cities Vitegra, Podporoje and St.-Petersburg, from the right coast - with Petrozavodsk is located.
  • фото альбом 1 We go on the river Svir (41 photos)

    It will be long Kareliya to dream...

    Further our route runs on territory of Kareliya - country of thousand rivers, lakes and islands.

  • Our Kareliya — a particle of large Russia. She is located in extreme northwest of our state. Kareliya - independent republic. In north the republic borders on Murmansk area. In northeast Kareliya is washed by waters of the White sea, and in the south - Ladoga and Onega lakes.

  • In west Kareliya borders on Finland. Western border (from the Ladoga lake up to the Kola peninsula) was stretched almost on 700 kilometers. The area of Kareliya of 180 thousand square kilometers. It is more, than territory of some states.

  • The man lives over 735 thousand at Kareliya. Among them Russian, Finns, Byelorussians, Ukraine and representatives of other nationalities.

  • City of Petrozavodsk - capital of republic Kareliya. The summer of 2003 to him executed 300 years. Petrozavodsk is located on raised western coast of a gulf (lip) of the Onega lake. He is surrounded with a wood. Through city two proceed small fast речки - Lososinka and Neglinka. They run into the Onega lake.

  • The basic relief of republic — hilly plain passing in west in the Western - Karelian height. The glacier, receding on north, strongly has changed a relief of Kareliya — the lakes have appeared in set of a ridge.

  • The climate soft with an abundance of deposits, varies in territory of Kareliya from sea to continental. The winter snow, cool, but is usual without strong frosts. Summer short and cool , with a plenty of deposits. Even in June in republic sometimes there are frosts. The heat happens seldom and there comes for two - three weeks on southern areas not each year.

  • The nature of Kareliya rather young, she was generated after the Ice period. All in territory of republic 63 kinds of animals, many of which, for example, Ladoga nerpa live, fiber - flight are brought in the Red book.

  • 285 kinds of birds live in Kareliya, from which 36 kinds are brought in to the Red book of Kareliya

  • Insects in the winter set мошкары practically is not visible, but summer around. In Kareliya it is possible to meet the rare butterfly Mahaon.

  • As well as a nature, the flora of Kareliya was generated rather recently — 10 — of 15 thousand years back. The coniferous woods, to north — pine, to the south — both pine, and fur-tree prevail. The basic coniferous breeds: a pine ordinary and fur-tree ordinary. Meet a fur-tree Finnish (north of republic), fur-tree Siberian (east) less often.

  • Kareliya — edge(territory) of berries, here grows in set брусника, черника, морошка, голубика, клюква, a raspberry well has got accustomed in woods, having got over from rural gardens. In the south of republic plentifully grow wild strawberry and currant.

  • фото альбом 1 Kinds of Kareliya on our route (57 photos)

    In a source of the river Svir at us the pilot onboard varies. Our new pilot call Иван Семенович, the former captain of the ship on pension, now earns additionally сезонно by the pilot. The old man still that, there is a lot of commander (not in insult will be said). Our captain, is felt, hardly restrained, communicating with them.

    On open spaces of the Onega lake send by evening. Have put sails. After the next dialogue with the pilot, the captain leaves me with it(him) on a pair on watch and all be dispatched on cabins.

    Has got to me to dialogue this night more shortly... " And why we go not strictly at the planned rate, and in parallel to him in the party, and why it is all our yachts do not follow us, and расползлись who where in the different parties etc. etc. Long was necessary to explain Ивану Семеновичу, that we go on a sailing yacht, instead of by the ship under the motor, that we go in the sea, instead of on the river, what is it sailing regatta so to say race, competition on speed and consequently each captain of a yacht himself chooses to itself a route depending on weather and other conditions. And on this we too do not come back on the planned rate to not lose speed, especially, soon on a route there should be a rotary point and we and so we shall cross it(him). Was at war all night more shortly... By the end of change our pilot is visible is tired and has gone to have a rest before entrance шхерами of an island Kiji.

    In Kiji we arrived the next day to dinner. Came to a mooring and send to get acquainted with an island, here on a mooring, heap of any shops and cafe. In shop we have bought of fresh meat and заквасили for evening a shish kebab. Then all were directed on excursion to a cathedral. Very much it was pleasant, as to us has got the very pleasant, sociable guide.

    In the evening, having grasped with itself all necessary for a shish kebab, have got over on тузике on the next uninhabited island and have arranged there excellent rest.

    The next day in the morning, we send from Kiji and were directed on the Onega islands to the party of the White sea - Baltic channel. Weather costs amazing. Few times specially became in drift to be expiated. Water in Onega incomparable, cleanest, we even have filled all tanks with fresh water. The business that all дно of lake is covered with a rare stone Шунгит, promoting clears waters.

    On ways to the channel, we were overtaken by a short-term strong thunder-storm. But she both has flown, and left and сного perfect weather was established.

    The white sea - Baltic channel.

  • The white sea - Baltic channel was constructed in the Soviet period. February 18, 1931 Advice(council) of Work and Defenses USSR has accepted the decision on the beginning of one more "supershock" construction - structure of a White sea - Baltic waterway. It was a structure, grandiose even under the today's standards: of more hundred complex(difficult) hydraulic engineering objects were constructed for 1 year and 9 months. Are constructed at the minimal expenses of metal and cement - the basic building materials were a tree, stone and sand, are constructed without the special engineering - by an axe and shovel, chisel and hammer.

  • However feature of this construction were not only technical achievement, but also that the channel was built more by(with) than hundred thousand made. And now - there are some figures, which we have no the right to not mention: general(common) length of this water road - 227 kilometers, from them 48 kilometers - artificial way. System includes 19 sluices, 15 dams, 51 dams, 12 водоспусков and other hydraulic engineering structures. As average depth of the channel about 5 meters, till 50 years he practically was not used for navigation.

  • The white sea - Baltic channel passes through three areas of Kareliya (Пудожский, Сегежский and Беломорский areas), connecting the Onega lake and White sea. A beginning of the channel - near to cities Повенец, in Повенецкой to a lip of the Onega lake. In the past this far northern settlement served a place of the reference. Now Повенец - large озерно-river port. A southern, Onega slope of the White sea - Baltic channel - most abrupt: the steam-ships following from the Onega lake on north, rise on " Повенчанской to a ladder " on height of 70 meters. Descent(release) in the party of the White sea more flat: 12 sluices lower(omit) the steam-ship to Беломорску on 102 meters. Within Great Domestic war the southern part of the channel was completely destroyed. But already to navigation of 1946 the restored channel structurally have updated: on it(him) the movement of the large heavy courts became possible

  • The pass on the White sea - Baltic channel for us was perhaps most labour-consuming and intense. 19 sluices, at what only three of them single-chamber, others two-chamber, it is not enough of that in each chamber, швартовка that left, by the right board. The arrangement швартовых floating рымов is not stipulated for such sizes of courts, as our yachts (will defend far apart). So, at pass of sluices, practically all members of a command(team) and even the visitors were engaged on швартовых jobs and on deduction of courts, at filling or descent(release) of water from chambers (to not beat a board). That for one call to find room for all ours флотилию in шлюзовую the chamber, we have connected all yachts in pairs (two connected yachts швартовались on one рым) and further, not untiing them and moved from a sluice to a sluice. It was necessary to work more shortly... And you see as a little man needs for happiness - pass last of 19 sluice for us there was a holiday, what is it last sluice.

    Where that, roofing felts in 12-м, roofing felts in 13-м a sluice, the screw of our yacht deafened a fish a Pike-perch, I in time have noticed her and directly hand, свесился from a board has caught. Our cook Соня has fried her to us.

    фото альбом 1 We pass sluices of the White sea - Baltic channel (10 photos)

    We go on the White sea.

    Have passed all the White sea - Baltic channel and send on open spaces of the White sea.

  • The white sea - extensive gulf of Northern Ice ocean. The man on his coast has appeared almost at once after deviation of last glacier.

  • Waters of the sea cold, though on a surface for short summer sometimes have time to get warm up to + 16-18 With. The sea is subject having cast and having flown, which make in different places from several tens centimeters up to several meters. Thereof in narrow straits sometimes arise having flown - having cast currents at times very dangerous, is especial on fine water. For one day the sea recedes and comes twice.

  • The sea, despite of the cold character, is occupied by the various representatives of fauna. Large herd of white whales, on ice here lives, among ice торосов quite often it is possible to notice нерпу, seal, large seal, and coast - a place of life of northern birds.

  • In the White sea grows ламинария, extracted in industrial volume, sea stars at the bottom are found, and waters abound a polar cod, herring valuable through passage breeds of a red fish - salmon.

  • City Беломорск. Small parking before last sluice. In a kind of absence of sea refueling station, it was necessary to refuel by canisters (have agreed with the local heads and us the automobile was selected, on him we in canisters carried fuel from refueling station). In 12 evening, having taken aboard the fellow travellers, group of the students of the collectors local фольклера, directed on Соловки (this night they us entertained by the assembled material, sang under a guitar), have passed last sluice and send in the sea.

    To me, as the first night change at a steering wheel always has got, though this night nobody lay down to sleep. The captain this night has shown itself in the best degree professionally, constantly adjusted us to hold speed: " Give the guys, let's can not have time(be in time) to reach up to Соловков, the storm " will be speed. And we naturally tried to hold speed, flied under all sails. Early in morning, as soon as have flown up to a mooring on Соловках, only have stopped, were not in time at all in earnest to combine sails, as IT has come - squally wind with a rain, visibility of 30 meters!!! And you see all ours флотилия still in the sea, had time(was in time) only our yacht... Some hours were on duty at radio, verified coordinates отставших, requested conditions. But the White sea has characteristics - sharply to vary. Has flown by squall and in some hours сного all has calmed down. Any of our yachts has not suffered, only have reached up to Соловков on some hours after planned.

    фото альбом 1 We go on the White sea (25 photos)

    Stop on archipelago - Solovki of an island.

    On a mooring, except for ours of seven yachts, there were пришвартованы about twenty yachts from Belomorsk, Severodvinsk and Arkhangelsks - all participants of a regatta. Mooring on Solovki though also large, but not absolutely convenient, open with the sea and in it we were soon convinced on " to an own skin ". In connection with sharply varying weather, on all yachts constantly there should be a log sailor.

    In 13 morning weather was gave out amazing (in sense for parking, for rest). This day at us the excursion in a monastery was planned. We also send, but having not time(were in time) to finish excursion, as till radio the watchmen have driven to an alarm - the storm has risen and all yachts has broken from anchors. We by run on a pier, and there..., at an extreme yacht has broken an anchor and they, piling against each other, have begun to develop as a dominoe. Hour 1,5 all peoples on a pier eliminated this failure. Fortunately, special victims has not appeared, not including torn off of anchors. But also them all of us have lifted, when the storm was finished.

    фото альбом 1 Failure on Solovki a mooring (35 photos)

    The next day, before a withdrawal from archipelago, there was a small excursion on Заячий an island, there every possible ancient labyrinthes - it is very interesting! And in end everything, we went in Souls. Smartest, private souls on a coast of internal lake, with a flooring for bathing. Souls SIMPLY EXCELLENT!

    фото альбом 1 On Solovki islands (18 photos)

    And as a whole, White sea very good.

    The white sea, white night, white whales, seals and kilometers of sea cabbage, that cabbage, which we buy in shop in banks. Take out an anchor, and there..., whole loop from sea cabbage, though in a barrel and salts...!

    In process of progress of yachts on north, night everyone become brighter and more brightly. Like the just sun has fallen for horizon, and already after literally hour or 1,5 сного rises from the sea almost on the same place. I can to myself present, as it looks even to the north, behind a polar circle, where the regatta is directed.

    We go in Arkhangelsk.

    15, having taken with itself aboard two seamen from Arkhangelsks , we send in the sea and have taken a rate on Arkhangelsk.

    Our captain, having taken an interest previously, what experience of circulation under a sail at our visitors, has disposed, having left me for the grown-up, that our visitors fulfilled the bread (held change), and itself has gone to have a rest. On account, to reception бую of Arkhangelsk we should approach the next day to middle of day and there to expect approach by all by ours отставшей флотилии, that in Arkhangelsks to go by a column in support of the local pilot.

    By evening, all ours fleet was assembled. We have accepted aboard the pilot and were directed in усть of the river Northern Dvina. Dear of Dvina very narrow and strongly loaded. To conduct a vessel (yacht) it is necessary on an electronic map through satellite navigation Iridium with the large accuracy, thus coastal services, is exact on the same system see all our actions. Even at a divergence with a counter vessel, if has deviated a waterway a little, instruction(indication) till radio from the dispatcher immediately follows: "yacht" Peter 1 ", you have deviated a rate on five meters, return on a road ". And so all road, and road this has borrowed(occupied) from us 1,5 вахты (about 8-ми of hours). Well and certainly this вахта again has got to me (the order of the captain) was those. Even in the morning, when there was mine сменщик, the captain has disposed вахту to not hand over up to the mooring of Arkhangelsk, having said, that коней on a ferry do not change... (I have understood, that there are customs, sign).

    In 16 morning, at eight hours we have stopped at a mooring of the Arkhangelsk seaport. The first stage of a regatta on it was completed.

  • Arkhangelsk was based in 1584 under the decree Ивана IV "«Грозного" on cape Пур-Наволок around of the Михайло-Arkhangelsk monastery known still(even) with XII of century. An originally new settlement called New Холмогорским by city, Новохолмогорами, Arkhangelsk city, only after 1613 the city began to carry the name - Arkhangelsk.

  • July 30, 1693 with numerous retinue in Arkhangelsk Peter I has arrived. The kind of first Russian port has made on young king indelible impression. Tens foreign courts stood on the river against Drawing rooms of court yard. In the city business conditions reigned, stood multilingual говор. In numerous лавках there was a brisk trade in Russian and foreign-made goods.

  • The epoch of Peter I "«Great" has rendered very strong influence on a history of city. In 1693, during the first visit, the king - reformer has based ship-building shipyard in Соломбале and itself has put in pawn on her the sea trade ship. Also at his(its) participation in city the Admiralty has appeared.

  • To arrival of Peter was constructed 12 gun yachts « Sacred Peter ». On this yacht king for the first time in life has left in the sea. He accompanied with a caravan of the Dutch courts from cities Arkhangelsk up to a throat of the White sea. Peter has executed the old passion - he has seen the sea.

  • The opportunity of navigation from the Atlantic ocean in Silent high breadthes of Northern ocean excited many seafarers. But only Russian for the first time have equipped высокоширотную expedition(dispatch). The project of this expedition(dispatch) was developed by the ingenious scientist of m. In. Ломоносовым. The decree Екатерины II said: « for advantage(benefit) of navigation and купечества on east for the boon we have selected to make search to sea pass by Northern ocean in Kamchatka ». In Arkhangelsk the intensive preparation for navigation begins. Expedition(dispatch) under the direction of the captain I of a rank В.Я. Чичагова twice в1765 and 1766 stormed polar ice северо- to the west of Spitsbergens and both times came back in Arkhangelsk, having reached(achieved) unprecedented before that time of breadth - 80 30. Three small wooden sailing vessels have sustained test by ice, storm, fogs.

  • Arkhangelsk became the first seaport of Russian state. The prompt development of the trade attitudes(relations) with England and other western countries has resulted in growth of city.

  • One more extremely important for port the structure has appeared in Arkhangelsk in the beginning XX of century - moorings for courts of distant and coasting navigation. To summer of 1907 the construction of the moorings, reveted by a granite quite adequate(quite answering) technical requirements of the time was finished.

  • At three o'clock in the afternoon, on Saturday, the solemn closing of a stage cruise in company and beginning of the Arctic race was nominated. All has passed on family, entrusted prizes to the participants. The yacht Willywaw was announced by fastest, Seeadler - most disciplined, Bagatela - most musical, Елену the youngest captain conducted, most cheerful has appeared a yacht Lena. By a yacht, which has done the longest way was named Персей. The warm words were said both on the part of the organizers, and on the part of the participants, the general(common) photo is made and all in a perfect arrangement of spirit be dispatched again to be going on organized by us for the participants shish kebabs.

    Modest closing ceremony and friendly shish kebab on a beach near our mooring. Have noted each of the participants. In particular Сережа Кашпировский was awarded as the youngest captain on a regatta, and the Finnish crew of a yacht "«Лена" we have presented a bottle of vodka as to the most cheerful boat. The Czech crew all evening played to us heart-felt Russian songs on гармошке. By the way we have lead(carried out) the ecological action(share) and with the help волонтеров have guided the order on the large enough piece of a beach, which was a dump of dust. Now at the guys the pure(clean) slice of white sand in city centre has appeared.

    The regatta in Arkhangelsk some days has stood, the necessary repair of yachts, registration of every possible official papers, change of crews, updating of products and equipment etc. etc. was spent

    In Sunday, have arranged to us excursion in a place " small Карелы " is a museum of wooden creativity of Kareliya open-air

    фото альбом 1Arkhangelsk, small Kareliya (22 photos)

    фото альбом 1Photo of Arkhangelsk (21 photos)

    My campaign also was finished, the holiday has approached to the end, it is time home on job.

    Good-bye regatta, good-bye of Arkhangelsk, good-bye friends.

    Good luck to you on second, basic stage of a regatta. Seven ft under Kiel, passing wind and pure water to you the guys!!!

    Прощание с регатой

    Официальный сайт экспедиции «Sailing regatta Adventure Race 80dg (map of a route of a yacht " Peter 1 " with the current coordinates)»

    Кино.....All videorollers from this regatta on Vimeo

  • Film the 1-st Opening of a regatta AR80dg.
  • Film the 2-nd Stop in Shlisselburg
  • Film the 3-rd transition on Ladoga
  • Film 4-th We go on the river Svir
  • Film 5-th Kareliya, Onega lake, stop on an island Kiji
  • Film the 6-th White sea
  • Film of the 7-th Finish of the first stage of a regatta in Archangelsk
  • Film the 8-th Excursion in small Karely

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